Forced Gay Cake Baking Now Forced Abortion Counseling

Abortionists have always claimed that they are about choice. It’s not the “Pro-Abortion Movement,” they keep telling us; it’s the euphemistic “Pro-Choice Movement.” Except when it isn’t.

For years the pro-abortionists have attacked crisis pregnancy centers. They compete against unborn baby killing centers called abortion “clinics.” The abortionists are not about choice. They are about money and the denial of choice and information about what women are actually doing to their unborn children during an abortion.

It’s this information that is turning the tide in the abortion debate. More Americans oppose abortion than support it because of information that’s getting out to the masses. The abortions are doing everything they can to stop the free flow of anti-abortion information.

The following is from Planned Parenthood’s own site:

“Deciding what to do about an unplanned pregnancy can be very complicated. It may be made even more so by so-called ‘crisis pregnancy centers.’ These are fake clinics run by people who are anti-abortion. They have a history of giving women wrong, biased information to scare them into not having abortions.”

Actually, it’s groups like Planned Parenthood that withhold information about abortion and do not discuss options like adoption and parenting or show what really happens during an abortion what what women are really killing.

It is true that crisis pregnancy centers are anti-abortion, and what’s wrong with that? I thought abortion was about “choice,” and one of those choices is for a woman not to kill her unborn baby.

Leave it to California to force crisis pregnancy centers to advertise for the abortion industry, that is, to go against their moral values.

It’s similar to the way anti-discrimination laws are being written to force people who do not approve of same-sex marriage to accommodate the same-sex marriage industry by making wedding cakes, create flower arrangements, and photograph their faux weddings.

“The California Assembly voted Tuesday to advance a bill that would require pregnancy centers to inform all clients that they can obtain an abortion at state-funded facilities.

As previously reportedAB 775 is known in the legislature as the Reproductive FACT Act, but to pro-lifers, it is dubbed the ‘bully bill.’ The text of the act states that its author, Assemblyman David Chiu (D-San Francisco), takes issue with pregnancy centers that don’t provide abortion referrals to women.”

This is like passing a law that mandates that all businesses must advertise for their competition. Will churches be forced to advertise for the Freedom From Religion Foundation?

Did you notice that these abortion centers are “state-funded facilities”? This means that taxpayers are paying for the killing of unborn babies.

Will these “state-funded facilities” that perform abortions be forced to require abortion centers to inform all clients that they can obtain anti-abortion information from crisis pregnancy centers? Of course not.

“Last month, an Assembly committee voted 11-5 in favor of the legislation, and on Tuesday, the full Assembly–mostly Democratic—voted 49-26 to advance the bill to the Senate.”

These people are downright evil.

You may recall that Al Sharpton said that Texas may be suffering under severe flooding conditions because of “God’s rebuke.” I wonder what he might say about the extended drought in California where Californians may have to drink treated waste water.

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