Elizabeth Warren’s Plans to Separate Law-Abiding Citizens from their Second Amendment Rights

What present laws would have stopped the latest murder sprees? What about future laws? Red flag laws wouldn’t have stopped any of the shooters, but they might bring a cadre of gun-toting government law enforcement agencies down on your house if you are a conservative blogger.

All it takes is some disgruntled Leftist (is there any other kind?) who reports a person he or she considers to be dangerous. Law enforcement authorities will have to respond because you never know in the many Leftists crying wolf there might actually be one.

Elizabeth Warren has a way to deal with future gun owners that will only punish the innocent.

First, she wants to charge a 30-percent tax on gun purchases and a 50-percent tax on ammunition. If someone is willing to kill people with a gun, what makes anyone think that these same people won’t go out of their to steal a gun or to steal money to pay the extra tax.

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When your enemy gets to define words…

Who will really pay the price? The law-abiding gun buyer.

Taxation is a punitive weapon these days. Taxes used to be collected for a singular purpose. If you want to drive on roads, you pay a fuel tax. You may remember when Congress imposed a tax on “luxury boats.” What happened? It nearly destroyed the industry.

Congress believed it could painlessly raise taxes and help the middle class by applying a 10 percent luxury tax on yachts priced at more than $100,000 and on private planes that cost more than $250,000. The 10 percent tax applied to the amount of the cost above $100,000, so that a boat selling for $300,000 carries a $20,000 luxury tax in addition to any state or local sales tax (sales tax in California is 8.3 percent). Keep in mind that these luxury items are being purchased with after-tax income. Even rich people will say no to a purchase when the cost exceeds a certain price threshold, a threshold that can not be determined by bureaucrats and congressmen.

Congress believed that rich people who can afford the 10 percent tax would be helping the average taxpayer who needs a tax respite. But it didn’t work the way Congress had hoped. The boating business was hit hard with numerous layoffs and bankruptcies. The rich people either kept their money, bought something else, or invested it while “Overall employment in the industry, including the makers of smaller, less-expensive boats, has dropped to 400,000, from 600,000 in 1988.”1

Of course, the purpose of a high tax on gun and ammunition sales is designed to sink the industry. How Warren is going to deal with existing gun ownership is an open question. When none of these remedial punitive remedies work, the next step will be full gun confiscation.

Don’t think the Second Amendment will protect us, not with weak-minded Republicans with spines made out of Jell-O and a Supreme Court doesn’t know the anatomical structure of humans.

In addition to additional theft by taxation, you can expect pressure being put on credit card companies like Visa and MasterCard to stop doing business with gun manufacturers and gun sellers. You might say, “I’ll write a check.” This might work until banks close the accounts of gun stores.

I suggest that you set up a “gun savings account.” Put some cash away each week in case these scenarios take place. Pay for your purchases in cash. Establish a good relationship with silver and gold dealers. Pay for your purchases of silver and gold with credit cards (if they take them) and use the metals to purchase what you need.

Just like drugs and guns used for killing people in gun-control Chicago each day, there will be a black market. The law-abiding will become outlaws.

Be prepared. This means not telling anyone how many guns you have or how much ammunition you’ve accumulated.

We are living in a time when tyranny is pressing in on us. We need to start thinking like freedom fighters.

  1. Agis Salpukas, “Falling Tax Would Lift All Yachts,The New York Times (February 7, 1992), C1. []
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