Democrats Racist and Sexist for Not Voting for Mia Love

The latest charge of racism against Republicans is that they may oppose the nomination of Susan Rice as the new Secretary of State to replace the beleaguered Hillary Clinton who’s on a wine tasting adventure in Australia with 150 of her closest friends paid for by taxpayers. Here’s an example of “it’s always about racism” meme:

Certainly the attacks on Susan Rice by the right wing are motivated partly by their goal of blaming the Obama administration for what happened in Benghazi. The attacks on her are probably also partly focused on encouraging the White House to nominate John Kerry for the position of Secretary of State, so that Scott Brown (R-idiot) might be elected to the Senate again. But let’s not forget the obvious — Republicans are furious at the thought that a smart, strong African American woman might be made Secretary of State. It would be ok if she were Republican (Condi Rice), but she’s not. She’s a Democrat.
Female African American Democrat = Republican rage.

The logic in this post is typical of Democrats. There is no logic. Rice was confirmed as United Nations Ambassador by the Senate by unanimous consent in 2009. Unanimous means everybody, including Republicans, all of whom were and are white.

So what was it when Condoleezza Rice, who is black, was chosen as Secretary of State by George W. Bush? The answer is simple. Condi Rice is not a real black woman because she is a Republican. The same is true of Allen West, a black Republican congressman from Florida. Since Democrats voted for his white opposition, they must be racists. But it doesn’t work that way.

To Democrats, especially black Democrats, black Republicans are really whites in black face that doesn’t wash off.

Mia Love ran for Congress as a Republican in the state of Utah. The race still hasn’t been decided because of ballot issues. Rep. Jim Matheson, a Democrat white male, has a 2,646 vote lead with some 28,700 ballots left to be counted.

I want to know how a Democrat could vote for a white man when a black woman is running. I believe that there are racists in the Democrat Party because they refuse to vote for the person who is black. You can see how ridiculous racial politics has gotten. But it works for Democrats so expect more of it in the future.

Of course, we know that race is not the only reason for the voting trends of black voters since before Obama they were still voting nearly 95 percent for Democrats. Most blacks vote for the Democrat, black or white, because the Democratic Party is the party of government wealth transfer.

It’s too bad that Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, and other next generation GOP leaders don’t see this. They think they will be able to woo Democrats with a watered down version of wealth redistribution. It won’t work. Why settle for skim milk when you can get whole milk?

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