‘Democrats Make Sure We All Share Our Toys Like Mommy Does’

“As the twig is bent so grows the tree” is an adage with a lot of truth attached to it. The earlier a person begins to study a subject, the easier it is to learn. This is true with everything from learning a language and Morse Code to political philosophy and economic theory.

Our founders understood the principle. That’s why they started colonial colleges like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. Liberals caught on quickly, and that’s why they took over colleges like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton.

Public (government) schools are bastions of liberal group-think. Education degrees reinforce the idea that the government is the best educator. Step by step liberals took over the public school system in the United States and use it to further their leftist worldview.

Not stopping with government education, liberals have been using children’s books to promote their radical ideas at an even earlier age. Heather Has two Mommies, And tango Makes Three, Momma, Mommy, and Me, Daddy, Papa, and Me, The Tree of Life: The Wonders of Evolution, and so many more. One that I missed is Why Mommy is a Democrat.

It’s about a family of squirrels. One page caught my attention. It reads:

“Democrats Make Sure We All Share Our Toys Like Mommy Does.”

Sharing is a big part of child development. Republicans teach their children to share their toys. Sharing assumes ownership. Sharing is not the same thing as confiscating. Sharing assumes a voluntary action on the part of the owner. Sharing is a personal choice. What if a child is hard on toys? Should your child be forced to share them with him? What if in the sharing process another child breaks the shared toy or decides to take it home with him? You can’t share what does not belong to you, and there is no mandate that sharing means anything more than a temporary offering of an item.

A Democrat’s view of sharing is the government taking money from some people so other people can have some toys. A consistent mommy Democrat, when visiting a friend, would claim that her friend’s children have too many toys. She would then get some of her Democrat friends, form a committee (government), and force the abundant toy-owning family to turn over their excess toys to the committee so they could redistribute the toys to the less fortunate.

This isn’t sharing; it’s stealing. But because a “committee” does it, it’s considered to be the right thing to do. It’s so right, Democrat mommies argue, that sharing must be mandated.

You might think twice about forcing your children to share their toys. They might become Democrats.

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