When It Comes to Abortion ‘My Body, My Choice’ is a Big Lie

Calling killing unborn babies “Pro-Choice” rather Pro-Unborn Baby Killing is typical of leftist redefinitions. Pro-abortionists don’t even like to use the word “abortion.” It’s all about a woman’s choice, and who can be against “choice”?

After Nebraska approved “Choose Life” license plates, the pro-abortion movement pushed for their own identity plates to support Planned Parenthood:

My Body,
My Choice

Words matter. They can either hide or reveal the truth. The Affordable Care Act is neither affordable nor about care. There’s nothing neutral about Net Neutrality. The definition of “gay” has been turned on its head in order to mask what homosexuality is all about. There is nothing “gay” about it. The same is true with the acronym AIDS:

Gay-related immune deficiency (GRID) was the original name for a disease currently known as AIDS. GRID was first mentioned in a May 11, 1982 article in the New York TimesIn this article, the term “A.I.D.” (Acquired Immunodeficiency Disease) is also mentioned. In the early days of AIDS (i.e., 1982–1985), the terms “gay cancer” and “gay plague” were also used… The reason for the GRID-to-AIDS change in nomenclature was the realization that the “gay” attribution did not fully encompass the demographics of the disease. The use of GRID and gay-related immune deficiency in the popular literature reached a peak in 1995; the terms have rapidly sunk into obsolescence subsequently.

Actually, AIDS was almost exclusively confined to the homosexual community. We were told that anyone could get the disease. This was not true. Only people who were engaged in same-sex sexuality, intravenous drug use and sharing of needles, and innocent victims through tainted blood transfusions contracted the AIDS virus.

No one is against a woman choosing to do what she wants with her own body. You don’t see groups protesting liposuction, breast augmentation, various forms of plastic surgery, tattooing, and body piercing.

An unborn baby is not a part of a woman’s body. An unborn baby is a separate biological person with his or her unique DNA. At no time in a woman’s pregnancy does the baby come in contact with his/her mother; if he/she did, the mother’s immune system would attack him/her as a foreign body. In many cases, the baby has a different blood type different from his/her mother. The baby is neither an appendage nor a growth that has to be cut out of the mother like a tumor or a diseased appendix.

When it comes to abortion, what is a woman choosing to do? What is this choice she keeps defending? She’s choosing to kill her unborn child. It’s that simple, but it’s a question that’s rarely asked. “Tell me, what is it about your own body that you are choosing to do?” I would love to hear a pro-abortionist answer the question.

You’ll often hear politicians say, “I’m personally opposed to abortion but I don’t have a right to impose my morality on other people.” My first question would be, “What is it about abortion that you oppose?” My second question would be, “Are you personally opposed to slavery and sex trafficking?”

The goal of the pro-abortionists is to hide behind a legal fiction. Choice isn’t the issue; the unborn baby is.

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