College Students say “It Looks Like a Bomb.”

I don’t recall ever agreeing with anything that Richard Dawkins has written or said, but I have to agree with his assessment of Ahmed Mohamed’s “clock” story. While Dawkins has been the darling of the liberal establishment, his comments about “clock boy” have garnered a lot of negative attention and comments. The Guardian reports:

“The evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins found himself at the centre of controversy on Sunday when he questioned the motives of Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old boy who was arrested and detained in Texas when a teacher thought a clock he had made was a bomb.

“Dawkins did not dispute that Mohamed should not have been arrested, but questioned whether the boy had truly ‘invented’ the clock, as has been reported.”

Here’s what Salon writer Mary Elizabeth Williams wrote: “When you and Sarah Palin share similar views on Ahmed Mohamed, it’s time to reconsider.”

A little bit of investigative journalism will show that there are a lot of people who believe the “clock” narrative is fishy.

When some college students at George Mason University were shown  a picture of Ahmed Mohamed’s “clock,” guess what they thought it was? They “overwhelmingly thought Ahmed Mohamed’s homemade clock looked like a bomb, according to a new video published online.

“Dan Joseph, with the conservative Media Research Center, visited the campus just outside D.C. and showed students a photo of the controversial clock. He then asked them what they thought it looked like.

“’I’m going to show you this and you tell me what you think it is — the first thing that pops in your head,’ Joseph told the students.”

Here’s the interview video:

All things being equal and sane, would some white Christian kid who brought a homemade “clock” to school get invited to Google and the White House?

A middle school student was suspended for 10 days “for bringing a comb to school that resembles a switchblade knife” based on the school’s “‘look-alike’ weapons policy.”

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