Once Christian Yale Opposes Truth and Light

Save your money and don’t send your children to Yale. In fact, you might want to determine if any college or university is worth your money.

It used to be that schools were chosen because of their academic reputation. This is no longer the case. Places like Yale and Harvard have been taken over by students who believe that any form of dissent is criminal.

They are now setting the agenda, and the administrations of these schools cower in fear at the thought of defending professors who have the guts to tell students to grow up.

“Anti-free speech demonstrators at one of America’s most vaunted universities have claimed a pair of scalps – a husband-wife duo who say teaching is too much trouble in a campus climate ‘not conducive to civil dialogue.’

“Yale University professors Nicholas and Erika Christakis, who both have always gotten overwhelmingly positive reviews from students, said they have had enough, after an email she sent sparked a campus-wide controversy that soon pulled him in.” (H/T: Fox News)

And what set off these students? Halloween costumes!

“The affair began in October, when Erika Christakis, a psychology professor and associate master at the school’s Silliman College, one of a dozen residential communities, sent out an email defending the right of students to wear costumes which may be ‘culturally appropriating.’ That spurred outrage and led to one student confronting Nicholas Christakis on the campus quad and berating him in a shocking episode that was caught on video that soon went viral.

“The video showed Nicholas Christakis, a physician and professor of social and natural science, calmly trying to reason with a student who was screaming at him for not keeping students ‘safe,’ as others snapped their fingers in a trendy sign of approval.”

Maybe the students were most upset because the word “Christ” was in the surname of the professors (see below).

One more thing was “offensive”: the use of the word “master.” You can’t be a “master” of anything today because of slavery. “Yale announced it could soon follow Harvard and Princeton and change the administrative title both Nicholas and Erika Christakis hold, as ‘master’ evokes imagery associated with slavery.”

The word “master” is now the “m-word.”

Yale, Princeton, Harvard, and Columbia have come a long way from their Christian origins. Harvard’s earliest motto was In Christi Gloriam, “For the Glory of Christ.”

One of Harvard’s early seals (1692) contained the Latin phrase Veritas (Truth) Christo (for Christ) Et  Ecclesiae (and the Church).

Talk about being offensive to modern-day secular students. Yale’s original motto and seal was equally provocative and is stamped on every diploma, at least it was a few years ago.
Harvard sealDan A. Oren
writes the following in Joining The Club: A History of Jews and Yale (2001):

While everyone who has received a Yale degree has at least glanced at the University’s seal impressed on the document, few know the stamp’s history, especially the origins of the apparent incongruity between a college founded by Christian divines and their choice of a Hebrew inscription. Even the origin of the Latin presents a puzzle.”

Like Harvard’s seal, Yale’s includes an open Bible at the center. “Where Harvard had then written, In Christi Gloriam, Yale inscribed the familiar, Lux et Veritas —’Light and Truth.’ Where Harvard had placed three blank books and a chevron, Yale depicted one book with two Delphic Hebrew words.”

None of this happened overnight. It’s been a long process of claiming that man does not need God. Time will tell whether these once Christian institutions will be able to recover.

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