Christian Author Bullied by Pro-Gay Reviewers on Amazon

Don’t you just love tolerance? You do your thing, and I’ll do my thing, and as long as your thing does not interfere with my thing, all is right with the world, until you write a book evaluating the underpinnings of your thing, a thing that is now being forced on all of us by the courts.

Yes, I’m talking about gay bashing. No, not gays who are being bashed, but gays who bash people who happen to disagree with same-sex sex and decide to write about it.

“Recently, the Amazon page for Maybe He’s Not Gay: Another View on Homosexuality by Linda Harvey was removed from the commercial website.”

No. Amazon didn’t remove the book. The author did. Gay-rage took over the comment section. The Christian Post reports:

“I saw the rotten reviews, a smear campaign by those who had not read the book, and the publisher attempted to get Amazon to pull the ad hominem reviews, but they were not immediately responsive,” said Harvey.

“So, since the book is brand new and I didn’t want it to be harmed by this uninformed and vicious campaign stimulated by ‘gay’ bloggers, I decided to pull the page for now.”

Don’t you dare question same-sex sex. Your business will be closed down, you will be hauled into court, and you will lose your job if you decide to stand up for your principles. There is no tolerance among the Gay Mafia for anyone who goes against the reviews_Box

The gay-rights movement is a surrogate family. When the word gets out that someone has infiltrated the inner sanctum of homosexual factual control, the soldiers go into action to destroy the intruder.

Harvey dared to question the unquestionable:

“A longtime critic of the claims of the gay rights movement, Harvey’s book focuses on questioning the conclusions of youth who self-identify as gay. ‘As more and more young people announce this is their identity, it’s time to take a closer look. It’s a profound declaration, a new civil right (they are told), and it’s ‘who you are.’ But there’s a problem. Are we sure this is the truth?’ reads a description.”

Homosexuals can’t allow anyone to question same-sex sex. It’s no different from those who insist that man-made global warming is an established fact even though there is compelling evidence that the claims are full of hot air. Even record cold temperatures are the result of global warming.

Similar tactics can be seen when the operating assumptions of evolution are questioned. There’s going to be a debate between creationist Ken Ham and evolutionist Bill Nye. Many atheists don’t want the debate to take place. In an interview with The Blaze, Ham said:

“‘For a long time now the secularists have really been able to censor information — censorship of information in the public schools and very much in the secular media,’ he said, arguing that secularists have ‘won the day’ when it comes to instilling their views in the wider culture. ‘Legislation has been used to protect evolution in public schools … and not allow students to hear alternatives.’ . . . [Ham] believes that evolutionary theorists and their enthusiasts are intent on suppressing the truth.”

The days of open and honest debate are not favorable at the moment. The bullies have taken over.

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