Cheery SC Greeting Upsets Dems but Not Obama’s $4 Million Vacation

Democrats are snakes. Their latest complaint, USA Today reports, is the greeting people get when they call a state agency in South Carolina:

“It’s a great day in South Carolina! How may I help you?”

Democrats are upset because, to them, it is not a great day in South Carolina because of economic conditions. Here’s my recommendation for a new greeting:

“It’s a bad day in South Carolina. You can thank Obama and the Democrats for the state’s economic woes.”

Now that’s the truth.

The hypocritical Democrats are upset with the friendly greeting, but were supportive of keeping a new Boeing plant out of South Carolina because the state is not union friendly; it’s a right-to-work state. That means that unions don’t have muscle in the Palmetto State, and this upsets Democrats, because Democrats need the union vote to stay in power.

It’s a great day in South Carolina because Boeing defied union pressure and the National Labor Relations Board and decided to build the $750 million plant anyway. The NLRB later dropped its complaint against Boeing. “It’s a great day in South Carolina!”

Instead of complaining about a phone greeting, the Democrats should recall the president from his 17-day Hawaiian vacation and have him donate the $4 million he and his family were going to spend and donate it to the people in South Carolina.

The Democrats need to ask Nancy Pelosi to do the same. $10,000 per day is a lot of money to spend on a vacation when people in South Carolina are suffering.

The greeting is a political non-starter and makes the Democrats look even more petty than usual, but millions of dollars of tax-payer money on a Hawaiian vacation is something real to get upset over.

The two Democrats who oppose the friendly greeting are African American Democrats. They will do almost anything to protect the welfare state that keeps their fellow-African Americans in poverty so they can stay in power. They won’t say a negative word against President Obama because he’s black and he supports the welfare state for the same reason. These political crusaders don’t care about the poor except as stepping stones to political privilege.

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