Change Washington ‘Red Skins’ to the ‘Washington Gays’

For more than 20 years the politically correct crowd has denounced the name of the NFL team the Washington Red Skins. Washington D.C. Council member David Grosso plans to introduce a non-binding resolution to change the Redskins name to the ‘Redtails.’

“Washington’s name has been dishonored by association with the word ‘Redskins,’” the resolution states. “Because it is well known in America and in nations afar that American Indians have experienced utmost suffering and disrespect over the years.”

red skins

Sure, the people who named the DC team wanted to dishonor Native Americans. Give me a break. Has anyone taken a look at the Indian logo and noticed how proud, dignified, and brave he looks? The Indian mascot was chosen because of the best characteristics of Native Americans

How about the Cleveland Indians and their mascot Chief Wahoo? Are we to assume that the choice of the Indians and an Indian mascot were meant to disrespect American Indians?

Is the same true for the Atlanta Braves and its “tomahawk chop” and war chant?

I’m upset there’s no recognition of Italians in the NFL. Some of the greatest explorers, artists, inventors, and sports figures were Italian. Not to mention great Italian foods like pizza, calzones, lasagna, pepperoni, gelato (less air than ice cream), and Italian pastries like cannoli and pizzele.

The ‘Redtails’ would honor the Tuskegee Airmen in World War II, an all-black group of fliers. I don’t get it. Why is it OK to reference blacks but not American Indians? How is “red skin” a bad thing but black skin is not?

Let’s not forget that blacks don’t have clean hands. Blacks sold their fellow-blacks into slavery.

Will changing the name from Redskins to Redtails help either American Indians or American Blacks get jobs or increase their standard of living? No more than naming a street Martin Luther King Blvd, Street, or Road helps blacks.

RedTailsIf I were an American Indian, I would be upset that a name change did not honor the proud heritage of the Native American peoples. If black skin is beautiful, why can’t red skin be regal?

So here’s my suggestion to make everybody happy. Change the name from the Washington Redskins to the Washington Gays or, better yet, the Washington Homosexuals. Washington DC is one of the ‘gayest’ cities in America. It’s in the top five. Our nation’s capitol is leading the way in promoting homosexuality and homosexual marriage.

It seems like such a natural fit, if you know what I mean, since everyday we’re getting screwed.

Just imagine all the cool things that can be done with a rainbow. The traditional white striping on the football field can be changed to rainbow colors. The cheerleaders could be transvestites.

If the NFL is really serious about this gay thing, then they need to go all in. Homosexuals come in all colors, ethnic backgrounds, shapes, and sizes. It would be a truly inclusive move.

Let’s see how accepting of homosexuals the NFL really is.

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