Could Call for Impeachment of Obama Get Anywhere?

We’ve been hearing about impeaching President Obama ever since he became President. I dismissed all of them as fairy dust. It’s always been wishful thinking at best.

Impeachment is serious business. There must be a clear violation of the law.

There are several obstacles to impeaching President Obama. First, his approval rating is still in the 40 percent range. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Millions of Americans have no idea what’s going on the country. And I mean, no idea.

Second, the media won’t stand for it. They will do everything in their power to defend the President. “As long as he doesn’t do it again, we can’t see the need for impeachment.” Then there are the defenders of the President no matter what he does. In fact, these media types want liberals to circumvent the Constitution. They don’t like the Constitution (as long as they’re in power).

Third, President Obama is black. The race narrative is all the rage. There is no way that the first black president is going to be impeached. Consider this from Lloyd Marcus over at the American Thinker:

“Clearly, no amount of unprecedented unlawful power-grabs, narcissistic behavior, blatant lies, and ignoring of the Constitution will sway the mainstream media and the Democrats from their loyalty to Obama.  Why?  The answer is that Obama is black, which makes him their ultimate weapon of mass destruction – able to nuke traditional America.  Obama’s mission is to cram his radical socialist/progressive dream for America down our throats.”

There are rumblings in the Democrat Party over the prisoner exchange fiasco. It’s possible that some the Democrats are willing to throw Obama under the bus so they can clear the way for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Even so, it’s a very long shot.

Former Congressman and U.S. Army Lt. Col. Allen West outlines what he believes is a good case for impeachment.

Here’s some of what he argued:

“President Obama used an Article 2 signing statement to deem unconstitutional a measure HE had signed into law contained in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The law stated that he must advise Congress within 30 days about any plans to transfer detainees from GITMO. Obama basically stated that this was ‘unconstitutional’ and that his unilateral action fell within his purview. Once again Obama used selective discretion as to what law he feels he must adhere to — in this case it has severe ramifications for our national security.

“Why would the United States acquiesce to the demands of a non-state, non-uniform terrorist organization — the Taliban? The Taliban is our enemy and it is not a nation-state with whom we should enter into negotiations. There are some 141 detainees at GITMO. The five released were senior Taliban officials, basically members of Mullah Omar’s inner circle. If we wanted to release detainees in exchange for Bergdahl, there were many others to choose from. Why these?

“The rate of recidivism for GITMO released detainees has gone from 1 in 6 to 1 in 3 — and why would we think a one-year travel ban out of Qatar will be respected, or even make a difference with today’s modern communications technology? Even Obama has now stated they may just return to terrorist activity.

“Obama’s breaking of the law in this case presents serious national security concerns — for all Americans. This is aiding and abetting the enemy, which goes along with the collusion of this administration with Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated organizations and supplying weapons and arms to Islamists.

“Obama just released the leadership of a terrorist organization, and what did we get in return? A deserter, who by his own self-proclamation harbors anti-American sentiments — which it seems that Susan Rice, our esteemed National Security Advisor, didn’t even realize his heinous actions — or maybe as usual she just lied about it again. Bergdahl served the United States with honor and distinction? Let’s not send Susan Rice out ever again.”

Personally, I’m not for impeachment. I’m for the decimation of the Democrat Party. We need to go into 2016 with the people of America despising the Democrats. That will never happen if Obama is out of office.

President Obama, Susan Rice, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi are the face of the new Democrat Party. Let’s keep it that way.

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