Bloomberg Pulls Race Card on Candidate Who’s Married to a Black Woman

Outgoing New York City Nanny Mayor Michael Bloomberg “is saying the leading Democratic candidate to replace him is running a ‘racist’ campaign.”

Bloomberg is a Republican in name only. He is left-of-center of many Democrats. He knows the race-card charge works. You don’t have to argue, present facts, or debate; all you have to do is say “racism.” It works every time.

Even leftist propagandist has written that to oppose President Obama on Syria will come across as racist. “A lot of people don’t want to feel anti-black by being opposed to Obama,” Asner told The Hollywood Reporter.

But not in the case of Bill de Blasio who is rising in the polls in the New York City mayor’s race against the ever-shrinking poll numbers of Anthony Weiner and the self-professed lesbian City Council Speaker Christine Quinn who Bloomberg supports.

“De Blasio is white, but he has been polling well among blacks since he began airing television ads featuring his interracial family. His wife is black and the couple has a son and a daughter.”

In an interview with the mayor, the interviewer stated that “in some ways” de Blasio is running “a class-warfare campaign.” Bloomberg added “and racist.”DeBelosi

There you have it, the two favorite liberal tactics – class warfare and racist language to win elections — being used by one of their own to win an election.

Bloomberg maintains that de Blasio is using his family to gain support among black voters. Of course he is. And please tell me what politician wouldn’t? President Obama paraded his wife and children before an adoring public to get their votes. Are we to believe that blacks don’t use their blackness to get black votes?

Bloomberg tried to clarify his statement by saying de Blasio is “making an appeal using his family to gain support.” So?

“I think it’s pretty obvious to anyone watching what he’s been doing. I do not think he himself is racist. It’s comparable to me pointing out I’m Jewish in attracting the Jewish vote.”

Do we think that Quinn’s open lesbian relationship is not being used to garner votes among the sexual alphabet soup support of LGBTQIAW (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, and Whatever) voters?

Bloomberg and his entrenched cronies are worried that their gainful years under Bloomberg will change with a Bloomberg out of power. Bloomberg owes Quinn. It was Quinn who “helped lead a City Council effort to successfully overturn term limits, allowing Bloomberg to win a third term.”

De Blasio is no conservative. Howard Dean has endorsed de Blasio by calling him a “true progressive.” “De Blasio proudly touts his progressive bonafides, such as a plan to tax every New Yorker making over $500,000 to fund universal pre-K.” George Soros is a big supporter. So are MSNBC and the leftist magazines Mother Jones and The Nation.

De Blasio worked for Andrew Cuomo, who was then-President Bill Clinton’s secretary of Housing and Urban Development. In 2000, he managed Hillary Clinton’s successful U.S. Senate campaign.

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