Black on Black and White Liberal Racists on Rampage

You’ve heard the claim that only Whites can be racists. It’s this type of thinking that encourages Blacks to use the N-word over and over again in songs, comedy routines, and group conversations with other Blacks.

Then there are the Blacks who love living on the Liberal Plantation, or I should say they love when their fellow-blacks live on the Liberal Plantation. Blacks are only needed when it’s time to vote, buy the latest Black fashion statement, or download the newest Black-female denigration song.

When a Black person wants to leave the Liberal Plantation, the dogs are let loose to drag them back to the Master’s house.

The latest example is the interview that Memphis talk-radio host Thaddeus Matthews had with Republican congressional candidate Charlotte Bergmann. Bergmann is Black, but not Black enough for Matthews.

The following is from Newsbusters:

Matthews later tells Bergmann to “get your stupid, ignorant ass out of my studio” and refuses to shake her hand because he doesn’t want her “whiteness” to “rub off” on him.

Here’s more of Matthews’s tirade:

Highlights included Matthews asking Bergmann if she was a “token of white folk,” telling her to “shut up for a moment” and then calling her a “token Negro” and “full of sh–.” When she ended the interview, Matthews wrapped up with, “Get your ass up out of here. Get your stupid, ignorant ass up out of my studio. Another token-ass negro.”

There’s no need to remind everybody that there is a racial double standard in America. Even Whites can get away with Black denigration if it’s for the Liberal cause. Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) went on MSNBC’s Martin Bashir’s show “and unleashed an assault on freshman Rep. Allen West (R-FL) that focused exclusively on the . . . Congressman West’s African American heritage. Not only does he refer to the black congressman in terms of the African animal, the hyena, he ties the animal to its depiction in the ‘Lion King.’ Both the movie and the play portrayed the hyenas as ‘jive-talking’ (NPR) ‘gangstas’ (Newsweek). If that wasn’t enough . . . Moran doubled and tripled down on his racist tirade — even challenging the black congressman’s black authenticity.”

Race has been used as an excuse by white and black racists like Matthews and Moran to hide their destructive social and political policies. It’s time that conservatives break the “black attack” tactic and let the public know what these people really are: 21st-century slave masters. Yes, even blacks can be slave owners. Black Africans sold other Black Africans into slavery. Black house slaves ruled over field slaves. I can’t say what they were called. You’ll have to ask a Black person since they use the word all the time with no one batting an eye. They are self-denigrators, and they don’t even realize it.

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