Biologist Investigated for Scientific Misconduct in Global Warming Debate

Global Warming is another “crisis” issue. Governments create crises in order to (1) control the people and (2) extract money from the people to enhance the portfolios of institutions of higher learning. What academic is going to take a stand against an “official” scientific position when his job is dependent on money coming from the government to defend the position? Then there’s the tenure issue and being castigated by his academic peers for upsetting the gravy train.

Global Warming has been a scam from the beginning. The latest heat wave in America’s midsection is being touted as evidence that “climate change” is real. (The climate changes every day all over the world. Change is a slippery word, as in “hope and change.” But I digress.) Have you noticed that all the reports about the heat wave were about the “heat index” and not the actual temperatures? In reality, there were no record temperatures. Yes, it’s been hot. So what’s new? There’s a big ball in space called the Sun that’s really hot.

Sometimes things get out of hand and a scientist goes too far that even the staunch advocates of a manufactured crisis get nervous. It seems that Charles Monnett, an Anchorage-based scientist with the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement, is being put on leave for “integrity issues.” Monnett is the guy who insisted that Global Warming was killing polar bears. His duties included managing about $50 million worth of studies. You know the adage: “Follow the money.”

Internal purges are needed sometimes in order to save an agency from embarrassment and the possibility that grant money will be directed elsewhere.

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