What are the Best (and Worst) States for Gun Owners?

What’s your guess? What’s the worst state for gun ownership? Actually, it’s a trick question. The worse place in the United States for gun owners is our nation’s capital – Washington, DC.

The worst state is New York. Andrew Cuomo has seen to that. Gun manufacturers are leaving the state because of the draconian laws.

The folks at the “Guns & Ammo” site have done a great job in ranking the states with a state-by-state slide show from worst to first:

“States can score a maximum 10 points per category, with a perfect score of 50. Full disclosure, though: No state attained that perfect score, though two states came awfully close. As was expected, Washington, D.C., kicked off our list with a whopping zero points, and other anti-gun Meccas such as New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and California weren’t far behind. Topping our list of pro-gun states were Arizona, Vermont, Alaska, Utah and Kentucky. Click through the gallery [on the site] to see where your state ranked.”

In addition to the rankings, each state’s profile includes the specifics of gun regulations. For example, my state of Georgian includes this information:

“Georgia is a Shall-Issue CCW [Concealed Carry] state, and allows concealed or open carry with a permit on your person or in your car. Georgia has a Stand Your Ground law. 40.3 percent of residents own guns, placing Georgia 25th in terms of gun ownership.”

The cities with the greatest gun violence are those who economies have been ruined by liberal social and economic policies. The guns aren’t the problem; it’s the people who use them for criminal ends. Even Michael Moore admits that guns in and of himself are not the problem. “I think the NRA, they’ve got it half right when they say ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

Here’s a list of the top 20 U.S. cities for murder rates. They have a number of things in common. One of them is that they are run my liberals. Cities are better indicators of the relationship between between crime and social conditions. Population makeup is also a factor:

1. Flint, MI

2. Baltimore, MD

3. St. Louis, MO

4. Detroit, MI

5. Youngstown, OH

6. Cleveland, OH

7. Chicago, IL

8. Washington DC

9. Camden, NJ

10. New York City

11. San Antonio, TX

12. Philadelphia, PA

13. Newark, NJ 14

14. Milwaukee, WI 15

15. New Orleans, LA

16. Columbus, OH

17. Saginaw, MI

18. Gary, IN

19. Memphis, TX

20. Phoenix, AZ

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