Bernie Sanders Goes Full-Throated Marxist

Bernie Sanders is a Marxist. Like the Marxists of old, he wants to control the lives and capital of other people while he lives high on the hog off the capitalists he disparages with every breath.

Bernie’s latest tirade came during his questioning of White House Director of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney:

“In questioning Mulvaney, Sanders argued the president’s budget handed massive tax breaks to the wealthy through its repeal of the estate tax while at the same time slashing antipoverty programs to the detriment of the working class. ‘The United States today has more income and wealth inequality than any major country on earth,’ Sanders said. He argued Trump’s budget proposal favored the nation’s wealthiest while cutting much-needed programs like Medicaid, Meals on Wheels, and the supplemental nutrition program known as Women, Infants, and Children (WIC).”

There’s not much that’s cut in the budget. What is affected is the rate of growth over time. Democrats call not increasing the rate of growth in a budget a “cut.”

Sanders’ favorite target are members of the Walmart family who are multi-billionaires. Maybe Bernie dislikes the Waltons so much because Walmart heiress Alice Walton donated $353,400 to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Unlike Bernie and his wife, the Waltons made their fortune the old-fashioned way – they earned it by taking enormous risks and delivered a product that tens of millions of consumers embrace without force.

Who is Bernie Sanders to take money from the Waltons and give it to people who did not earn it? Why is this question never asked? It’s because of both political parties, and the people who empower them, who believe they have been appointed to steal money in the name of social justice. It’s not their money! What right and does anyone have to empower people to take money from people who lawfully earned it so it can be given to people who did not earn it?

Walmart employs 1.4 million people in the United States (2.3 million worldwide). That’s 1% of the United States 140 million workforce. Federal, state, and local governments employ more than 22 million people and pay them with tax money taken from people. No one is forced to work at Walmart and the more than 260 million customers who visit its nearly 12,000 stores each week aren’t forced to shop there.

Walmart employs people indirectly through its purchase of goods that it sells. There are companies that sell to Walmart. They employ people. And the companies that supply them the goods they manufacture for Walmart also employ people. And on down the line.

The average Walmart employee makes $11.75 an hour, considerably higher than the minimum wage.

Walmart also pays the employer’s portion of Social Security and Medicare. That’s 6.2 percent.

What about the billions in profits Walmart makes? Most of it goes to stockholders in the form of dividends ($2.08 per share for fiscal 2018). “In fiscal year 2017, Walmart returned $14.5 billion to shareholders in the form of dividends and share repurchases.” Walmart and the Walmart Foundation have committed billions of dollars of in-kind donations to help end hunger in America.

In reality, none of these facts matter since it should not be the government’s business how much money anyone makes since governments should NOT be empowered to take money from some people so they can give to other people no matter how many people think it’s the right action to take.

How many people does Bernie Sanders employ with money from companies that he has started? None. His “compassion” is using other people’s money.

Why doesn’t Bernie pick on Apple, Jeff Bezos at Amazon, or Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook? Why is it always Walmart, a company that employs a lot of people who otherwise might not have a job?

Bezos, who also owns the pro-Democrat Washington Post, is worth $85 billion.

Get this, Apple is sitting on more than $250 billion in cash. And where does the very pro-Democrat Party company park much of its cash? Outside the U.S. for tax reasons.

So, Bernie Sanders is a selective Marxist. He only goes after companies that the well-heeled liberal fat cats look down upon as they are checking the latest price of their Apple stock on their iPhone.

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