Atheist Night Promoted by St. Paul Saints Baseball Organization

Atheists are in the news again. This time they’re infiltrated the wide world of sports. “The St. Paul Saints, a minor league baseball team in the Twin Cities, will become the ‘Mr. Paul Aints’ for one night in August [the 10th] in honor of atheism, the team and the Minnesota Atheists have announced,” Bill Unruh of WND reports. “To enhance the evening even more, every mention of the word ‘Saints’ will either be covered or changed to ‘Aint,’” the atheists said.

Will they get rid of the rule book? Will the Mr. Paul Aints complain if an umpire makes a bad call or doesn’t follow the rule book? Atheism is a religion that can’t stand on its own two evolved feet; it must borrow the rules for life from an outside source since rules are not inherent in an atheist worldview.

Then there’s the story about atheists who are suing a restaurant because the owners of the Prudhomme Lost Cajun Kitchen in Columbia, Pennsylvania offer a 10% discount on Sundays to anyone who brings in that day’s bulletin from their church. It’s their restaurant. The owners should be allowed to do anything they want to promote their business. If the atheists don’t like it, they can dine elsewhere.

I’ve always found it curious that atheists see this or that as legal or illegal. There is no basis for morality in an atheistic worldview. A bag of meat and bones with electricity coursing through it does not have the capacity to say anything is right or wrong, moral or immoral, or legal or illegal.

There is no way to account for such categories in a materialistic evolutionary worldview.

Another article reports that women are losing interest in atheism because of moral issues.

Officials for The Amazing Meeting, or TAM, said Wednesday (July 11) that women would make up 31 percent of the 1,200 conference attendees, down from 40 percent the year before. A month before the conference, pre-registration was only 18 percent women, organizers said.

A number of reasons have been given for a drop off in female attendance. Caring for the kids and a shaky economy are two reasons suggested. But there is a darker reason that I’m sure atheists don’t want to talk about. Religion News Service reports:

Online forums have crackled with charges of sexism in TAM’s leadership and calls for the ouster of D.J. Grothe, the male president of the James Randi Educational Foundation, TAM’s organizer. In June, Rebecca Watson, a skeptic blogger and speaker, canceled her TAM appearance because, she said on her blog, she does “not feel welcome or safe.”

Other nontheists — both male and female — have shared stories of unwanted sexual attention at nontheist gatherings, including propositions for sex and unwelcome touching.

In 2001, MIT Press published The Natural History of Rape by biologist Randy Thornhill and anthropologist Craig T. Palmer. According to Thornhill and Palmer, Margo I. Wilson writes, “evolved adaptation of some sort gives rise to rape; the main evolutionary question is whether rape is an adaptation itself or a by-product of other adaptations.”

If rape is a consequence of evolution, then there shouldn’t be any ethical aversion to it. In a sense, rape is how we got here. So it’s not surprising to me that women and men being propositioned for sex at an atheist convention is taking place. It is surprising, however, that these women no-shows are complaining about it on moral grounds. Given atheistic assumptions, what is wrong with such advances since animals rape other animals in the wild all the time?

These atheist groups need to be consistent with their belief system by going all the way. Instead of playing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” the crowd can sing The Bloodhound Gang’s song “You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals; so let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.”

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