Another ‘Gay’ Hate Scam Exposed?

“Were we all duped?” One way to gain sympathy for a cause is to fake a hate crime or hate incident. It’s happened so many times that the Boy Who Cried Wolf comes to mind. Who do you believe?

The latest example is the lesbian waitress who claims she was stiffed for a tip and received a denigrating message on the receipt because of her ‘gay lifestyle.’ The following is from an MSNBC New York affiliate:

“Dayna Morales, a former Marine and a server at Gallop Asian Bistro in Bridgewater, posted a photo on Facebook earlier this month, showing the bill with a line through the space for a tip. The photo of the receipt showed someone had written, ‘I’m sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle.’

“Morales indicated in her Facebook post, and in subsequent media interviews — including with NBC 4 New York — that the customer wrote that line.”

As you can imagine, the alleged incident went viral and Morales received more than a thousand dollars in tip donations. Also, the “shame on you” epithets came by the bushel basket.

Now we learn that the story may be bogus. A family had recognized the receipt as theirs and it differed from their copy of the receipt.

“The husband and wife, who asked to remain anonymous, showed NBC 4 New York a receipt that appeared to be printed at the same minute, on the same date, for the same $93.55 total, except with an $18 tip.

“They also provided a document they said was a Visa bill, which appears to indicate their card was charged for the meal plus the tip, for a total of $111.55.”

Gay receiptDid Morales try to push her own version of the ‘gay’ agenda with her accusation? You can watch the interview with her and see that she stumbles over her words. She does not sound very convincing.

One of the best parts of this story is when the manager of the restaurant is confronted. He questions the reporter about the authenticity of the customer’s receipt. The reporter then produces the credit card bill with the $111.55 charge — tip included total! Keep those receipts.

You can watch a video of the story here.

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