An Anti-Romney Voter Who Will Now Vote for Romney

I’ve written on the futility of third parties at this point in history, the illogic of the lesser of two evils mantra, and how conservatives give up too soon. As a result I’ve received some vicious attacks. That’s OK. I’m used to it. Others have appreciated my comments. Agree or disagree, my goal is to get people to think.

While I would like to have a better candidate than Mitt Romney, he’s the only candidate running against Obama. Sure, there are a number of no-name candidates who are running, but they are little more than protest-vote candidates.

I suspect that as we get closer to the election, we will see more anti-Romney people deciding to vote against Obama, and the only way to do that this is to vote for Romney.

Here is an email I received from someone who was peeved at some of my articles that I wrote in support of Romney as the candidate who is the only one in a position to beat Obama. He has since changed his mind. It takes a big man to make a fundamental change. I appreciate his candor:


Though I may be the only one, I want you to know that I have decided to temporarily forsake my idealism for a bit of pragmatism. I will be voting for Romney though I have vehemently opposed him at every turn. I was irritated by your lesser of two evils argument, but it nonetheless made inroads into my psyche and ultimately changed my mind.

I believe if Obama is given another 4 years there’s a good chance we won’t have a country left to salvage. Jerry Johnson is coming on hot and heavy with his anti-Romney rhetoric, but the fact remains that he will probably never in his lifetime see a candidate with the potential to win who meets his criteria. And it will probably be the fragmenting of the conservative Christian vote that will hand the election to Obama.

Your comment about the ineffectiveness of the Constitution Party is what sold me. I believe we desperately need a third party, but unless we endure a total collapse, I don’t see that happening while I’m still alive. I was a huge Alan Keyes fan, and I still am to a point, but he’s spitting . . . into the wind while evil spreads.

I ran across a person on your staff who’s writing in Ron Paul. So I asked him why when Paul isn’t even running? “Because I’m standing on principle,” he said. I responded, in four years you may be jailed for your principles.

At any rate, though I didn’t appreciate being called a wimp, your message penetrated at least one thick skull. LoL



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