What Amnesty is Really All About

It’s that time again; time for Democrats and Republicans once again to lie about how much we need a new immigration bill.

Already, there is nothing new. It is the same old tired argument that poor immigrants are hiding in the shadows and just want to come into the light, be legalized, and become productive Americans, just like you and me.

And naturally we know these are lies generated by the Democrats to form an insurmountable voting block to keep them in power in perpetuity. And the Establishment Republicans, controlled by their puppet masters at the Chamber of Commerce, want a permanent underclass of labor.Republicrat_medium

Despite all evidence to the contrary, it seems the Republican leadership is still convinced they can curry favor with Hispanics by allowing millions of illegal aliens to become legal.

They have also convinced themselves that lying about their true intentions about amnesty is both acceptable and will work . . . this time.

The Republicans have a problem though. Their constituents aren’t morons. They/we are not the ill-informed rubes the press makes us out to be.

Unlike the low or no information constituents the Democrats can consistently count on to support their every whim, Republican voters are, or at least have become, a lot more educated. We are plugged in, as it were.

We can see through the obvious lies and half-truths put forth by the establishment about amnesty. Oh, and we can and do read. Not only the omnibus bills that are trotted out, but also between the lines.

We know full well that if a “compromise” bill is passed, it won’t end there.

We know that if a path for legalization is passed prior to fully securing the border, the latter will never be done!

We know better than to take the word of John Boehner, Paul Ryan, or Marco Rubio.

Just a few days ago Nanny Michael Bloomberg, in his arrogance, let the truth slip out. He said that Congress should act on immigration reform even if Republicans won’t agree to the full-scale overhaul that Obama wants. Once a new system is in place, tweaks could more easily be made in future years.

And there you have the truth of any immigration bill short of simply securing the border. And that’s what we’ve known of and have feared all along. Once the framework is in place, they can and will do virtually anything they want.

They know it and that’s what they’re trying to hide from us. And that is why we conservatives are dead set against it. Call us racists, anti-Hispanic – who cares at this point. We know how it will work behind closed doors. We know those inside the Beltway have no intention of ever securing our southern border.

The question is, if they don’t succeed this time around, will they finally give up? Answer: Never! Liberals and progressives never give up on their causes. No matter what the odds, they will continue to push until they get what they want. It’s almost admirable.

We, as conservatives, must realize this and understand that we will have to fight this battle year after year, knowing that our America hangs in the balance.

We must also let this year’s candidates know that this is a nonstarter. If a candidate favors any legislation other than simply securing the border, he or she will not get our vote.

If we lose this fight, America as we know it may be lost. It really is that serious.

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