American Flag is a ‘Threat to Muslim Community’

A thug with a gun is a threat. Weapons in the hands of Muslim radicals are threats. Politicians who want to “do things for us” are a big threat. Judges who take the law into their own hands and force us to comply to outrageous conclusions are a huge threat to liberty and freedom.

Have you heard the one about how the American flag is a “threat to the Muslim community”? The American flag? Give me a break.

Do Muslims think someone might use it to strangle them?

No. It’s the idea of the American flag, what it stands for, that’s a threat to this typical type of Muslim. Freedom for me but not for thee.

Here’s the story.


“When Duy Tran moved into his new apartment, one of the first things he did was to proudly hang an American flag on his balcony.

“It means a lot to me,” he told KHOU-TV in Houston:

But Tran said the manager of the Lodge on El Dorado apartments doesn’t see it that way, and told him he had to take down his flag because it’s a “threat to the Muslim community.”

Tran said the reasoning stunned him: “I’m not a threat toward anybody.” After all, it’s not like he’s some patriotic Tea Partier, right?

I’m gonna leave my flag there, as an American, until she shows me proof that I don’t have the right to leave my flag there,” Tran told the station. “I have friends that died for this country.”

The station reported that no complex residents complained about Tran’s flag and that several of his neighbors said they want his flag to stay there. Duy Tran points out that several of his friends died defending this nation, and he should have the right to express himself at his home.

But this is how it begins – even the nation’s flag is deemed “offensive” to some people, and therefore, it has to be taken down. Kind of like the Redskins ruling and countless other examples; political correctness is just the pretext for people to engage in the suppression of our freedoms.


We might look at this story and conclude that Duy Tran would never have to remove the flag just because it offends somebody. No, that would never happen.

It only took one person to get prayer removed from public schools. One person changed the law in 50 states in every government school in the nation.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has told the Washington Redskins organization that their copyrighted and trademarked name and logo are no longer legally protected because a very small minority of Native Americans is offended.

If this edict is upheld, every “offensive” word, action, and image that offends someone will end up on the politically correct chopping block. The legal dragoons will see such litigation a honey pot of litigation. “Comply, or we will sue!”

So where does this stop? We’re all offended by something. I’m offended by the people who are offended over every little thing. Too bad for me.



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