6-Year-Old Gives 10 Reasons NOT to Vote for Obama!

Out of the mouths of babes. Maybe Liberals and so-called Independents can understand why voting for Barack Obama a second time is a bad idea if they hear it from a six-year-old. Liberals need to be treated like children. They speak in cliches. They repeat what others say. They can’t think for themselves. Adults need to be around to keep them on track so they won’t hurt themselves.

This six-year-old sounds more like an adult than most liberal adults. He’s articulate, gets to the point, and it’s hard to argue with his conclusions.

Liberals will scream “indoctrination.” Don’t make me laugh. Liberals run the government schools. The schools teach messianic government all day, every day. It’s the government that’s doing the indoctrinating. “The government will save you!” they cry.

Hey libs, there are six more like him at home. They are smart, articulate, and techno-savvy. They turned out this video in one day.

If you have a camera and a cute kid, put together your own ten reasons, post it on Youtube, send us the link, and maybe we’ll post it on GodfatherPolitics.

Watch the video to the end. There are some bloopers added for your entertainment.

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