Why the 3 Percent is Beating the 30 Percent and Will Target Churches Next

As I pointed out in a “When Gays Fire-Bombed a Church: ‘Gay Rights or Gay Riots,’” Christians have been the target in the homosexual debate going back more than 30 years. Homosexuals learned that by attacking one church or one person at a time, they could get pro-homosexual precedents established.

They also learned that there was never much of a groundswell of support for the victims who opposed same-sex sexuality. Churches didn’t want to get involved, so many of those who were attacked were left defenseless. Because of the lack of broad Christian support, groups like Alliance Defending Freedom and Liberty Counsel were founded, as well as other legal advocacy groups, to defend the victims of same-sex bullying.

These groups had a lot of catching up to do. The ACLU, founded in 1920, has had a 60-year head start. It has more than 500,000 members and an annual budget of over $100 million. Local affiliates of the ACLU are active in all 50 states and Puerto Rico and have their own budgets.

How did we get in the situation where those who identify as LGBTQQA* make up around three percent of the population and are setting the agenda when Christians make up around 35 percent?

Homosexuals have been successful in redefining everything, so much so that using Husband/Wife; girlfriend/boyfriend; mom/dad is now considered a form of “heterosexism.”

A tiny minority of woman are claiming that it’s “sexist” to refer to Hillary Clinton as just “Hillary” even though there is a “Ready for Hillary” super PAC and posters with her image with only “Hillary” identifying her. Double standards and hypocrisy are rampant among liberals. But that’s another story.

In addition, homosexuals have taken over the courts by getting their lawyers in places of legal power to impose a radical sexual agenda on America.

‘Myths, Lies, and Half Truths’ answers each of these objections in detail

So where have tens of millions of Christians been? They’ve developed their own self-defeating narrative that keeps them out of the fight. Here is some of their warped theology:

  • Jesus never got mixed up in politics (so why should we?)
  • There’s a separation between church and state (even though there isn’t any such constitutional claim)
  • The Christian’s citizenship is in heaven (it didn’t stop the Apostle Paul from using his Roman citizenship: Acts 22:25-29)
  • We can’t impose our morality on other people (all law is the imposition of somebody’s view of morality/immorality)
  • We’re not to judge (what’s forbidden is inconsistency: Matt. 7:1-2)
  • Politics is dirty (and so is everything else)
  • Religion and politics don’t mix (then why are murder, stealing, and rape morally wrong?)
  • Jesus wasn’t a social reformer (He didn’t get married, have children, or own a home either)
  • Christians should remain neutral (neutrality is impossible and leads to being neutralized)
  • God’s kingdom is not of this world (God’s kingdom is in, over, and through this world)
  • It’s never right to resist authority (“We must obey God rather than men”: Acts 5:29)
  • The church should only preach the gospel. (preaching the gospel is the first step followed by teaching the “whole purpose of God”: Acts 20:27)
  • We’re living in the last days (How long have we been hearing this claim?)

And the most often used excuse?: “We’re afraid we might lose our tax-exempt status.”

The way things are going, churches may lose their tax-exempt status anyway if homosexuals continue to press their agenda and a majority of Christians try to stay “neutral.”

“This is the only logical end for militant gay activism. Now a gay/LGBT group in Wyoming is demanding that the government shut down any church that has the temerity to believe that homosexuality is wrong. Jeran Artery, the chairman of the gay group Wyoming Equality, posted the stunning statement to his Facebook page … but like all liberals quickly removed it hoping that it would go down the Internet memory hole.”

Jeran Artery, Chairman of the Homosexual Group Wyoming Equality

Artery said: “Churches that lobby to have freedoms and rights taken away from ANYONE should absolutely have their 501(c)3 status revoked!!”

He’s not the only one. New York Times columnist Frank Bruni and furniture tycoon Mitchell Gold “have agreed that Christian churches ‘must’ be convinced, or coerced, to change their teachings on sexual morality and abandon an ‘ossified’ doctrinal teaching that sex outside heterosexual marriage is immoral.”

In the comment section of Facebook people claimed, “It will never happen.” I asked, “Ten years ago, who could have imaged that refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding would lead to fines and the loss of a business?”

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